Celebrating World Teacher’s Day (Australia): Making A World Of Difference

apple-300x324Today, October 29, 2010  is a special day for Australian teachers. It is a time to remember and thank those wonderful teachers who have shaped our lives and our future.

Today, I am taking the opportunity to publically acknowledge those special people who inspired my entry into the teaching profession.

Mrs Daughenbaugh (Year 4):
I remember you for your creativity, and ability to bring out the artist within us. You had a truly positive impact on a young boy’s life, and it has been amazing to work with you over 15 years later as a fully qualified teacher.

Mrs Snow (Year 6):
Without a doubt, you were the most inspirational teacher I ever had. I have wonderful memories of your class which continue to inspire my own teaching today.

I’ve never forgotten the grammar lesson – “Capital G for Germans” you once gave me, and I still smile about the time you discovered a frog in the classroom! I suppose it was a bit of shock when you discovered that I became a teacher, but you’re one of the reasons why I joined this profession! Thankyou.

Ms Thomas (Teacher-Librarian):
Your arrival was one of the best things that ever happened at my school. I always loved coming to your Library at lunch; helping out, reading, and discovering the joys of the (very slow!) Internet. You provided a place where I could be myself, where I could leave the teasing outside. You helped inspire my life-long love of libraries. Thankyou.


Teachers. We Make a Difference.



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