Digital Citizenship (#flatclass Book Club, Part 4)


Chapter 5: Citizenship, focussed on the complex educational issue of digital citizenship.

I was particularly interested in the idea that we could examine digital citizenship through 5 lenses, the areas of technical, individual, social, cultural, and global awareness.

As I am not a classroom teacher, I really struggled to relate this chapter to my own teaching practice. Personally, the guiding discussion questions for each area enabled me to critically examine my relatively limited understanding of this topic,  and I am sure that this chapter will be a useful resource in the years to come.

I’m going to close with a thought-provoking video on this topic, the keynote for the next Flat Classroom Project (2012). It is well worth watching, as it explores the various facets of our digital lives.

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  1. Michael,
    That is a great video by Alan Levine. It is funny, the video means so much more because I was one of those people he visited. The personal connections are powerful and important and I think it is great to meet people (when we can.) This is a tough chapter and we live this every day.

    • Thanks Vicki! One day i’m dreaming of going on a similar road trip, finally meeting some of the members of my wonderful PLN.

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