Magazine Articles & Podcasts


Magazine Articles 

  • Molloy, F. (2013, Sept). Students meet world. Education Review Tech Guide, 3, 20-24. Retrieved from
  • Graffin, M. (2013, Oct/Nov). Working in the Global Classroom. Education Technology Solutions, 56, 58-60. Retrieved
  • Graffin, M. (2013, Jun/Jul). Leading Change in a Digital World. Education Technology Solutions, 54, 20. [Scanned PDF]
  • Graffin, M., Frazier, D.,  Echternacht, H, Thomas, P.,, & Skinner, J. (2013, Term 2). Learning, Sharing, and Collaborating in the Early Years Class Ideas K-3, 65, 6-8. [Scanned PDF]
  • Edwards, K. (2012).  Teacher Feature – Michael Graffin. Education Matters – Primary and Secondary 2012/13, 62-64. [Scanned PDF]


Book Contributions

Contributed to Lee, M. & Ward, L. (2013). Collaboration in Learning: Transcending the Classroom Walls. Camberwell, VIC: Acer Press

I was interviewed as part of Mal and Lorrae’s research into collaborative models of schooling, and helped them broaden their focus to include online collaborative communities which transcend classroom walls, such as The Global Classroom Project.


Podcasts & Vodcasts

  • Gesthuizen, R. & Rablin, A. (Producers). (2013, December 2).  The Global Classroom Project: ACCE Learning Network. [Vodcast]. Retrieved from
  • Davis, V. (Producer). (2013, October 11). Every Classroom Matters with Cool Cat Teacher: The Global Classroom Project. [Audio Podcast]. Retrieved from
  • Betcher, C. (Producer). (2012, January 13). The Virtual Staffroom: A World of Difference [Audio Podcast]. Retrieved from


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