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Seeking Global Perspectives for World Water Day 2011

Well, the big day is finally here. March 22, is United Nations World Water Day – a global event aimed at raising awareness of water issues facing developing and developed countries around the world.

As part of our whole-school WaterWise focus, we have been teaching extensively about water conservation and management from a mostly local (Western Australian) perspective; as our state faces some significant water supply challenges due to changing rainfall patterns and climate change.

As part of World Water Day 2011, our WaterWise coordinator has planned some big events for the day – including photos and video of the whole school – dressed in blue – standing in a giant water drop on our oval!

Seeking Global Perspectives

As part of my contribution to our World Water Day activities, I’m taking a risk and attempting my very first global collaborative project based on the World Water Day theme of “Water in our Cities: Responding to the Urban Challenge”. Over the course of the day, I’ll be taking small groups of students’ aside to share their thoughts and learning with the world via a collaborative LinoIt page.

Now, here’s the tricky bit … I’d love to raise my students’ awareness of global perspectives on World Water Day and water issues around the world. To make this a reality, I really need your help!

I’d love to see international contributions from students, teachers, parents, or interested individuals – either on World Water Day itself (March 22, your time), or over coming weeks. You might like to share your thoughts, photographs, and videos of interest. All would be greatly appreciated!

Here’s the link:

My students, colleagues, and I are looking forward to reading/viewing your responses. Thankyou!

Michael Graffin (@mgraffin)


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