Establishing a Student Digital Leaders Program

At the start of the 2015 school year, I began working with two wonderful Year 6 students, who were appointed as our inaugural Digital Captains. Every week, for almost 9 months, we met for 30-40 minutes on Thursday mornings.

We didn’t have a formal structure per se, but over time, the girls helped define their role – learning how to blog; road-testing our new technologies (MakeyMakey and the Dash robot); and creating their amazing robot fashion show for our Open Night in Term 3. Towards the end of the year, they played a key role in running our lunchtime makerspace sessions, helping introduce our younger students to our emerging collection of robots!

In 2016, we will have four Digital Captains, voted for by their peers and teachers from a group of some 30(!) candidates! The program will definitely evolve next year, as I’d like the girls’ role to be more visible within the school, including presenting at school assemblies, and participating in robotics/ICT competitions. They will, no doubt, be involved in our makerspace program – where I am hoping to collaborate with our school librarian to run coding and design challenges.

In closing, I’d like to sincerely thank our inaugural Digital Captains for their patience, commitment, and sheer creativity. Girls; you helped pioneer what it means to be a Digital Captain at IPS. While there were many things I didn’t have time to teach you, we were able to achieve a lot together. Our school will be a richer place for your contribution. I wish you all the best in your future schooling, and look forward to seeing what you create with ICT in future years!

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  1. Hi Mr Graffin, Thanks so much for buying me and bringing me to school, to meet these two beautiful,talented, well behaved, creative, drop dead gorgeous, glittertastic Digital Captains/ Fairy Princesses. I am so glad that I got to be in my own fashion show! I cant believe how much effort these girls put in, as they only had 4 days to complete my fashion show, I am loving all the glitter stuck forever, onto my wheels, as they used 7 bottles of glitter on my runway, and used all the black spray that belong to Desert’s dad, Thanks so much for looking after the dig caps and me! and for being such an amazing,funny and jolly coach/teacher/coordinator

    Good luck for the future!

    NOTE FROM DIG CAPS: You would be so proud of us as we have kept ourselves unidentified on this blog. Also thanks so much for the year!

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