Making Ripples in my World: Marking 5 years of blogging

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When you start a blog, you never know where the journey may lead.

It is like throwing a stone into a pond, and watching the ripples racing off into the distance …

I’m a blogger. 

I blog to document my experiences, reflect on my teaching practice, and share my learning with others.

It has helped me grow as a person, and as an educator. I’d like to think it has helped others.

Through my blog, I found my voice.

My voice, my story is important to me – and I will not be silenced.

Thank you to everyone who has supported, contributed to, and guided me on this journey of mine.

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  1. Hey Michael, I’ve been glad to connect with you professionally, you have so much to share. Keep up the blogging. For me it’s my personal reflection space, and it’s always interesting to see what connections will follow.



    • Thanks Cameron! It is interesting to see how our our motivations and purpose for blogging evolve over time. These days, I like to read blog posts which illustrate classroom practice, and posts which make me think. Your blog posts tend to fall in the “thinking” category, and I’ve enjoyed reading them over the years. Many thanks 🙂

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